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Veterans For Peace Takes a #mississippistand in Iowa

We're making an impact in Sandusky, Iowa, but we need numbers...and fast.

· Environment,Activism,Climate Change

Whether you're a VFP member or an environmentalist, we need you NOW. This is important. This is the Mississippi River.

Alex(left), VFP member and organizer, talks shop with a colleague. (Credit: Sydwell Davin)

We'll keep it short and sweet, folks. We're in Sandusky, Iowa, protesting the same pipeline as our Native American brothers and sisters in North Dakota you've been hearing so much about. In addition to the egregious violations happening up north, this pipeline is also being drilled under the Mississippi River, a national treasure , and source of water for millions of citizens. The ecological and economic impact of a leak would be staggering.

There have been thousand of spills over the last six years alone; it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. We need to shut it down- and we need your help to do it. A 24-hour encampment has been growing near the drill site, and there's plenty of room for those with the ability and willingness to make a stand. Whether you are able to come for a few hours, a day, or longer, you are a most valuable asset. It is imperative that we increase our numbers to make the largest impact possible.

Marching to the drill site. (CRD: Sydwell Davin)

Veterans for Peace is making a huge impact here already. VFP members are heavily involved with the organization of the encampment as well as the protests themselves. We invite you to help make 3333 County Road X28 Keokuk, IA a magnet for every chapter in the region (and beyond). We will welcome you with open arms. Get your gear together and get movin'! The greater our numbers, the greater our strength.

Jessica (right) coordinates with friends at the encampment (Missouri River far left). (CDR: Sydwell Davin)
An pipeline worker looks on at the protest. (CRD: Sydwell Davin)
Frank, VFP member, trains us in non-violent civil disobedience tactics in front of the river we're protecting. (CRD: Sydwell Davin)

The time is NOW. Protests are happening daily, with large events planned every Saturday from now until the end of October. There is no better time than NOW!

Five protesters pushed past the initial fencing, and are met by private security. (CDR: Sydwell Davin)

If you'd like to support us from afar, we also need funding to help with logistics for the 24-hour encampment, as well as support for covering the legal fees for those willing to take part in Direct Actions. Please follow this link to the Mississippi Stand website, and scroll down to see the many ways you can help!

Thanks to Sydwell Davin for the amazing photos!

Footage taken and edited by Skillly Video Media Production.

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